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    These days, there is too much turmoil about nutrition. The facts change yearly, monthly, daily… So the question is: are they facts at all? At the end of the day, the only important thing is what we have to put on our plate.

    When I first got into this field, some 20 years ago, it was not that loud. I wanted to know as much as possible. Which food is the best for humans? Which diet system works the best? I was determined to find the perfect diet. It was so important to me that I decided to finish nutrition studies and be able not only to help myself, but other people too.

    After my studies, I was confused more than ever. I still didn’t have answers about which nutrition approach is the best. I was so close to quitting everything; I was so tired of reading, listening to all these people who act as if they are the owners of the one and only holy truth about nutrition, talking about completely different things. For me, something was missing there. Something BIG.

    On my way to step out, the answer popped up, actually, not the answer, but the proper questions.  It is not only about the information, facts, or knowledge of food; even though it is important, it is just a part of the whole story. It is not only about the food, it is also about us, who eat that food. Who are we? What is our personal story? How important is the influence of the culture we grew in? Why do we have that pain in our stomachs when we have to deal with some difficult situation? Is digesting only about food, and what is with all these experiences and tough times that remained somehow…undigested? Maybe this is the reason why we are overweight, fatigued, with poor digestion? Maybe sometimes the food isn’t problem at all….

    Then, I discovered The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. What I learned there was the missing part of the nutrition canvas. The truth is that this ‘painting’ looks completely different from bird’s eye view than from the ground. On the bottom are information, facts and knowledge; but from that point of view, it is impossible to see the whole picture and desirable answers are hard to attain. To reach the answers, everything is countable: the whole life and the whole person who lives that life. This is why we need a bird’s eye view.

    So, I chose to fly: away from this nutritional madness into the peaceful realm of inner wisdom and personal stories. To pick up some piece of information or fact from the bottom and put it where it belongs, if needed. To escape from the belief that truth is coming from the outside, because there is no information that can replace the wisdom. To escape from numbers, calorie counting, theories, punishing exercises and images of slender girls who live on billboards. To escape from the urge for perfection, from wishing to be what others expect me to be. To be able to put on my plate whatever I believe will nourish my soul and my body.

    What a freedom!!!

    I wish this freedom for you too, and this is the core of my approach to nutrition realm.