• Have you ever had your magic number for weight? Your desired number of pounds or kilograms you aim for, and you strongly believe that only when you reach that goal happiness is possible? Do you want to look same as 20 years ago? 

    If you answered with YES on some of these questions, this article is for you.

    Many of us have that magic, elusive number which promises that we’ll be the most desirable, sexy and vibrant human being on planet Earth once we reach it. I did have, and even achieved it. Twice. Both times close people, with a concerned expression on the face asked me:

    -          What happened to you?

    I looked somehow... like there were now only bones in my body. Not pretty at all. I promised to myself that I would never be too thin again.

    But I remember well how it feels to want that desirable, magic number. There are two possibilities for the feeling.

    1. You made it to that number before, and that was a time when you were feeling great, so you want to feel like that again, or
    2. Maybe you have never had this number on your scale, but for some reason you believe this is the place where your happiness lives.

    If the first is the case, you already have that experience and want to live it again. But, it would be good to remind you – maybe it was some 5, 10 or more years ago (it was in my case) - our metabolism changes through the years, and the ratio between muscle and fat tissue does too, so you may have the exact same number of pounds, but look different and feel different, especially if you are now over 40 and don’t exercise.

    If the second is case, everything is in a realm of possibilities. Maybe yes, maybe no, who knows?

    There is something is in common: satisfaction is somewhere in the future, when the magic number is achieved. Also, both groups feel frustrated every time the scale doesn’t show what is expected and hoped for, and that has a huge influence on how we feel, especially for people who weigh themselves often.


  • What to do?

    Get rid of that magic number. Forget it. Don’t put off your pleasure to some time in the future and find something that will make you happy TODAY. Try this simple technique:  write down every single thought about how your life would change once you reach that goal. Be as detailed as much as possible: would you go out more frequently, wear different clothes, have more self-confidence, or decide to find your soul mate finally (because you think you are too unattractive at your current weight)? When you finish the list, be honest with yourself and figure out which these things you can do today. You will be surprised by the fact that for at least some points from the list, you don’t have to wait at all! Why you wouldn’t wear something that makes you feel sexy today? Why would you wait to find your soul mate? There is somebody out there for whom you will be perfect, just as you are right now. So, put on your beautiful smile and go forth fearlessly! 

  • Be a tailor of your attitude

    It is a fact that the media makes chaos in people’s minds with their rules about how we should look to be socially accepted. We have to take that power back from them into our own hands; You should decide for yourself what is really needed for your happiness, and how much should your physical appearance be involved. If you make a positive change today, you have taken the first step toward fulfillment and a more vibrant life. You may think that a magic number will make you feel like this, but is that really truth? Also, since you are starting the process from a different mindset, it is logical to expect different results. When you start from a position of self-hate or discontent, it is hard to believe that your final destination will be joy and happiness; but if you start with something simple and positive today, if you have that sparkle of happiness now, then you are going down a happier path, and you will arrive in another, much better place: a place that has NOTHING with a magic number. To be a happy and fulfilled person, it is necessary to be aware of your value as a human being, and of your identity – a beautiful and unique creature on planet Earth. And this is so much more than a dress size or number on the scale.

    So, take your tailor’s scissors and make new attitude, one that is above magic numbers that may live somewhere in the future. Start to feel good about yourself NOW. You deserve it.