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  • Aleksandra SekulicOne of the easiest things in the world is finding out how things don’t work; especially with diets. Despite that, it always looks like as the new perfect diet is just around the corner. But too often, it is only a new disappointment.

    Why is it that diets so amazingly and persistently don’t work? It makes sense. No one likes to lose, and losing weight is no exception. It is not only about weight or the food we eat, or the language we speak. It is about us, as an eater. The life we live has a huge influence on what and how we eat. Family, work, money, high expectations, low achievements and much more are deeply connected to our challenges with food. This is why just a different diet is not enough. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs rule our life, and cannot be excluded from any issue with eating, weight and health in general.

    So, this is my approach. As a Nutritionist, I will keep an eye on a diet, but as an Eating Psychology Coach my focus is on your personal story and relationship with food. These two together give a powerful foundation for successful work with weight, chronic dieting, body image, overeating, binge eating, digestion, mood, chronic fatigue and immunity.

    If this approach resonates with you, welcome! Be free to contact me for the Skype session.